Process, Policies, and FAQ
Please consider these rules, guidelines, tips, and troubleshooting information while placing an order or trying to get in touch.
Hours of Availability: 
Monday & Wednesday: 5:30pm-9pm
Friday: 5:30pm-10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-8pm
A small order for a logo or simple spot illustration can be completed in a few hours, while something more detailed, such as a book spread or catalogue can take up to two weeks, depending on complexity and frequency of communication. Every project is different, but you will be notified of how long it will take to receive your order long before it arrives. A tracking number will be provided for all shipped orders, and a deadline will be included in the contract of all commissions. Please note that custom orders are first-come first-served, and can occasionally effect wait times.
Shipping & Payment Methods:
Most shipments of physical items will be sent through UPS or FedEx, but residents of the Baltimore area will have the option of hand-delivery or pickup. Digital commissions will be sent via email or file sharing link. (A thumb drive may be requested for a small additional fee.) Purchases on the online store are clickable and credit card friendly, while commissions allow credit, and the options of PayPal, Venmo, and checks as well.
Returns & Refunds:
As almost all of the projects and products relating this site are made on-demand, full refunds will be provided only for work that has not yet been put into production. Cancelled or unfinished in-progress projects may entitle the client to a partial refund on a case-by-case basis based on the level of completion.
Commissions & Consulting:
All custom non-retail projects are home-baked from scratch, and one of a kind. While requesting a custom project can be done via email, interested clients may also participate in a free consultation by filling out the CONTACT FORM. All details discussed will be transcribed into a contract and emailed to you to look over and sign. Nothing is official until both parties have signed the contract and a deposit has been paid. A watermarked preview will be provided at the end of the project for you to approve. The final package matching the approved preview will be delivered upon receival of the remaining payment, containing a receipt and all necessary files or items as listed in the initial agreement.
Repeat clients with similar, recurring requests are encouraged to open an account and send order forms (which can be provided upon request) for ease of access, as they will be less likely to require a consultation and skip ahead to the good part!
Commission Packages:
As a design or illustration customer, it's important to consider your budget and the time you have allotted for your project to be completed. If you have strong communication skills and a specific idea in mind, perhaps the One-and-Done is right for you! Or, if you've got a general plan and are just window shopping, or would like a fresh interpretation or layout of your concept, maybe the Standard Package is a better fit. 
Basic: The One-and-Done ($)
This option is pretty self-explanatory. The artist will create one full rendering based on the initial set of instructions with room for 1 free minor revision. Full payment will be required up front. This choice is used most often for projects such as social media content, event flyers, technical drawings, comic pages and templates. This is often a good choice for rush jobs as well, as there will be less time spent on correspondence and trying to decide, and more on gettin' stuff done!
Deluxe Package ($$)
This option is better for projects that require a more permanent "home." The standard package comes with 3 rough drafts to choose from. Once the selection has been made, that choice will then be rendered into the final image, with the option of 2 minor revisions. A 50% deposit will be required up front, and the final payment will not be requested until the final preview is delivered. This option is best for logos & branding items, stationery, merch, and large-scale projects like murals.
Questions to Consider:
•. What size(s) do you need?
•. How many variations will your project require? Are there other items it will need to go with?
•. What styles do you like? Where are you drawing my inspiration from?
•. What kind of mood do you want to portray? Who is your audience?
•. Will the image be used in production? What kind of material will it be used on?
•. Will it be posted online, printed, used as decoration, or as a gift?
•. Will you be selling it? On what scale?
•. Will your project require additional materials? Will it be a remote project, or on-site?
•. Are you the sole contact, or are there other team members involved?
Revisions in a design or illustration refer to modifications made to a fully developed or already-in-progress concept. Depending on which commission package is selected, 1-2 minor revisions (such as a color or wording change, or a repositioning of a small portion of the image) are free before an additional fee is charged for revisions that follow. Major changes may include a different layout, style, or background, requiring a significant amount of time to complete, and will typically be treated as an additional design or illustration. 
Rights & Usage:
All commissions unless otherwise specified will be created and delivered under the assertion of The Moral Rights of Attribution. This means that both the artist and the client are properly named in display and usage of the work, such as their name, appropriate contact info, and/or website & social media links. The work may not be used,  re-sold to, or modified by a third party without the artist’s explicit written permission. Rough drafts, thumbnail drawings or previous versions of the completed graphic are not to be used for any purpose without the artist’s explicit written permission. The artist may not give or sell the finished work to a third party without the client’s permission. More exclusive copyright licenses may be purchased by the client upon inquiry.
All personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, emails, and credit card information provided will remain completely confidential unless specifically requested to be put on display as part of a project or disclosed to an appropriate team member. Any photographs used with recognizable human faces will require a release form before being disclosed on any kind of forum.
Q: What kind of art do you do?
A: All things 2-D and then some.
Drawing, Painting, Hand-Lettering, Layouts, & Typesetting for print and online content are my main areas of expertise, but I've been known to take on photographic, interactive, sculpted, and animated projects from time to time.
Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Yes, absolutely! That's like, my whole thing.
Q: How much will my project cost?
A: There are a lot of determining factors that go into pricing a commission. Important details used to determine the cost include, but are not limited to, time and labor spent, usage, size, complexity, quantity, media/materials used, samples required, and the project's due date.
To give you a ballpark idea, logos typically range between $150-300, 1-page illustrations between $200-400. Templates between $50-150. Flyers $50-200. Books and Presentations are charged per page/slide. Murals will require an illustration fee+materials+$10-50/sq.ft. Charts and Infographics start at $35, but often include multiple images and in those instances are billed together as a batch for a lump sum.
These prices above are common price ranges based on previous commissions and are subject to change based on the aforementioned determining factors. A verbal or written quote will be provided for all requests before proceeding based on the information provided by the client.
Q: Do you provide bulk discounts?
A: Yes. Commissions requested for related items can reduce the overall cost if they are ordered at the same time.
Q: How much information do I need to include when commissioning a project?
A: I'll be asking you questions to find most of the answers to this, but the more info the better! Depending on your needs, some improvisation or experimentation may be used to fill in the gaps. This question is often asked by people who "don't know what they want but don't know what they like until they see it," so if you find yourself asking this, the Standard Package with a couple of versions to choose from might be right for you.
Q: Do we need to meet in person for a consultation?
A: Short answer?--no. I can get most of the project information I need via phone or email.
Q: Do you work for exposure?
A: Hell no. Please don't ask me to do that. I will not respond politely.
Q: My project doesn't have a specific deadline. Do I need to have one?
A: You don't need a specific deadline if you don't have one, but you will still be given an ETA so you have an idea of how your project is progressing.
Q: Do you take on-site gigs?
A: My availability is limited for projects that require traveling but I'm open to discussion and your inquiry will get a response either way. Throughout my career I've painted both faces and canvases on-site, built sets & backdrops, and photographed locations, products, and people.
Q: Do you ever turn down projects, and why?
A: If I am unable to accept a project due to qualifications required for certain specifications or scheduling, I'll do my best to recommend someone else who can meet those requirements. On occasion, I will turn down requests for some types of offensive/explicit content, but I'm flexible on some subjects. If you're unsure of whether your request would be accepted, just ask! No harm done.
Q: I'm having trouble opening my file. Why isn't it opening?
A: Make sure that your file has downloaded all the way. The file's size will continue to increase as it downloads, and will stop once it's completely saved to your machine. The icon representing it may also change as this process progresses. If your file was sent as a zip folder, extract or unzip the folder before attempting to access the files inside it, as that will make them more readable for your computer. Check the edition (year it was produced) of the program you are attempting to open the file in.
Q: I sent a message and haven't received a response or confirmation yet. Why is it taking so long?
A: Check your Wi-Fi connection and make sure you're connected to an internet source, or a cellular connection if you're attempting to communicate by calling or texting. Response times can be delayed on busier days, but typically you will hear back within 48 hours. Also, I work a day job, so responses will be speedier after 5pm EST.
Q: What happens if I forget about my project halfway through?
A: If you are unable to respond to a draft or preview submission in time, it can be picked up where it was left off, but may be bumped back further in the queue behind incoming projects from other clients, and may incur a rush fee depending on the revised deadline. Projects abandoned after submittal of a final preview will be billed as complete.
Q: Are you hiring right now?
A: At this time, no, I am not currently looking for employees, BUT I do occasionally pass on overflow work to other creatives. If you're a visual artist interested in landing a few side gigs here and there, follow me on social media for updates and have a portfolio link ready to go.
Last updated on 06/18/2021