I am the main Illustrator for issues 2 and 3 of Caleb D. Manci's Comic, "P.O.U.N.C.E. (People Organized Under the New Cat Empire)," a graphic novel about mutations, mind control and all the fluffy action in between. The full comic can be found online at , or check out our facebook page. The entire comic, start to finish, is handmade, done in ink and watercolor by yours truly. Other participating illustrators include Julia Barizza and Kristen Feurtsch.
Issue 1, Cover
Karl dreams as Samson claws at his chest.Tallulah, Samson's sidekick stares at a collection of monitors, recording Vera's every move the second she walks through the door of her own home.
Issue 2, Page 5
Vera and Jeff stand on the front lawn, ready to begin an argument which is immediately interrupted by a fit of seizures. Jeff's energy is drained by this series of extreme twitches, and passes out at Vera's feet.
Issue 2, Page 20
Tallulah is a trained spy from the resistance. After being thrown down a garbage chute, she uses her claws to climb up the same way she came, to sneak a peek at her enemy.
Issue 2, Page 46
Karl has been captured. He is overwhelmed as a pile of cats swarm over him, restraining him and eliminating any chances of his escape. Samson, his trusty persian, is in the arms of Jeanine, his prior girlfriend. Samson drops his gun, which is then confiscated by one of the other cats.
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